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Platamonas is located on the southeast coast of Mt. Olympus, just about a one-hour drive from the Thessaloniki (105km) and only 35 minutes from Larissa (48km). Thessaloniki's Makedonia airport is 135km from the hotel and he transfer time by car is approx. 80 minutes.

Along the rich vegetation of the Pierian coast, you will find many beaches with crystal clear blue waters. Some of the most well-known ones are Skotina, Nei Pori, Panteleimonas, and Platamonas, where Diverso Platamon is located.

Platamonas' most famous landmark is the 13th century Byzantine Castle of Platamon, built strategically along the main road from the Greek prefectures of Thessaly and Macedonia through the Vale of Tempe.

The village of Platamonas is well known for its the endless rocky shores and the beautiful view of Mount Olympus on one side and the Aegean sea on the other, while it is regarded as a significant tourist destinations in Northern Greece.

The little town boasts its own private marina (Savvi Marina) featuring four basins to serve more than 90 yachts of up to 82ft, thanks to more than 500 meters of wharfs and piers. The outer basin has 80 meters wharf with sufficient width and capable infrastructure for servicing cruise ships and megayachts.

With a population of around 2.500 permanent residents during winter and up to 120.000 in summertime, Platamon is connected with Katerini, Pieria's capital, and Larissa through the bus and railway transportation lines.

The Marina Platamon provides the opportunity to explore the area with activities such as daily tours, water sports, fishing and diving, while being the starting point for trips in the great mountainous nature, and for longer excursions to Chalkidiki, the Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Allonisos etc.) and the north Aegean Sea.